Currently we proceed with the following projects/libraries:

Dynamic Caml dynamic code generation library for Objective Caml language
template a bundle of scripts for configuring/building/testing OCaml projects
aster Implementation of the A* algorithm
ocamlbdd BDD (Binary Decision Diagram) data structure implementation
checked Library for checked values processing (something like exception monad)
logger CamlP4 extension that facilitates logging and printing the debug traces
peterburg Implementation of well-known Bottom-Up Tree Rewriting System (BURS) for rapid codegenerator development
PairMatching Implementation of the Hungarian method to find maximal weighted pairmatching for bipartite graphs
BinomialHeap Binomial heap implementation of the priority-queue interface
ostap A set of parser combinators + camlp4 BNF extension for fast parser writing
pranlib PRogram ANalysis LIBrary. Currently provides some control-flow analysis algorithms (depth-first search tree, dominators etc.)
settings Settings manipulation and command-line option parsing
typeutil A bundle of functorial utilites for standard collections (string conversion, HTML generation, comparison etc.)
enum A Camlp4 syntax extension to support enum-like types
urray Unrestricted arrays --- no 2^22 limitation for 32-bit machines

There are also some past unsupported projects:

  • PROMISE - machine-independent optimizer within lcc compiler infrastructure.

  • JANUS - bidirectional debugger for Microsoft©.NET platform.

  • GRAPE - graph visualization tool.

  • asdl2caml - ASDL data types generator for Objective Caml.

  • Copyright © OOPS Team