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QReal research group

QReal is a cross-platform open source tool for automated creation of domain-specific visual IDEs. This project is carried out by a research group based at Software Engineering chair of Saint Petersburg state university.

Our goal is to develop a DSM platform which would be easy to learn and use and which could be used even in small scale projects. QReal's current features include:

  • Textual and visual metamodeling
  • Visual tools for defining model constraints
  • Semantics definition for dynamic languages using graph grammars. Automated generation of visual interpreters and code generators based on semantics
  • Support for model refactorings
  • Some advanced usability techniques like using mouse gesture recognition to create elements and links

Download QReal 0.8.8

Main web site (in russian)
Github page

Timofey Bryksin - timofey.bryksin.gmail.com
Yurii Litvinov - yurii.litvinov@gmail.com

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