PROMISE Availability

Since we have patched lcc a little we provide full source code for it in according with lcc license agreement. We also provide free binary copy of the PROMISE for the evaluation purposes. Contact PROMISE development team to purchase licensed source code package. Note that PROMISE uses lcc-ASDL port so you need also ASDL library to build lcc correctly. Finally PROMISE can work only with lcc-4.1 since lcc-4.2 does not support ASDL.

Warning: all the software is provided 'as is' and without any warranty. PROMISE team does not take responsibility for any damage caused by improper usage or erroneous behaviour of the software.

Download items:

  • ASDL - source code for ASDL library
  • lcc-4.1 for PROMISE - source code for patched lcc-4.1
  • PROMISE x86-Linux - binary executable for x86 running Linux
  • PROMISE Sparc-Solaris - binary executable for Sparc running Solaris
  • PROMISE x86-Win32 - binary executable for x86 running Windows
  • Installation notes:

    To use PROMISE you need to build ASDL library and lcc-4.1, set up the LCCDIR environment variable to directory containing lcc utilities (rcc, pass2 etc.) and place PROMISE there.

  • Building under Unix - unpack both the source packages (ASDL and lcc-4.1), build ASDL libraries via make build command from inside ASDL directory, build lcc-4.1 in a usual way as described in lcc build instructions. Note that we provide additional make option release=yes to force optimized release build for both ASDL and lcc. Also under Linux you need to simlink gcc library directory (for example, /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux/2.95.2) to LCCDIR/gcc.

  • Building under Windows - unpack both the source packages (ASDL and lcc-4.1), open lcc-4.1/vcc/lcc.dsw workspace file with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 or .NET and build. In addition to LCCDIR you need to set up MSVCDIR variable to point to Microsoft Visual C directory. Note that making lcc work under Windows can take additional efforts (see lcc homepage for details).

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